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Access patient reports and images online through our referring provider portal.

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Connect, our provider portal, gives our referring physicians convenient and quick access to patient study results. Connect provides secure access to your patients’ reports and images and real-time updates on exam status. Reports and images are available to you as soon as they are signed.

  • Powerful Search: Search for your patients, or patients belonging to other providers in your practice. See your patient’s entire exam history with access to the report and images you want.
  • Download and Print Reports: Print or download the patient report so that you can include it in the patient’s EMR record
  • Image Viewers: View full DICOM images directly within your browser. Use convenient window-leveling, measuring and scrolling controls.
  • Reports: View reports directly within the portal, as soon as they are completed and signed.


Guides and Forms for Physicians

Diagnostic Radiological Imaging centers offer physician-centered care. We understand when it comes to radiology referrals, accuracy is essential. We also know that fast turnaround, dedicated support, responsive service and processes are equally important. When you refer to us, you can be sure your patients will receive the highest level of quality care.

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